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Brewpubs and bars I've visited and enjoyed

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Tucson, Arizona

Thunder Canyon Brewery

This used to be my 'every Thursday night out with the guys from work' place when I lived in Tucson. They always have about eight types of beer available and the types vary from time to time. I like the IPA, stout and porter.

Gentle Ben's Brewery Company

Just next to the University of Arizona entrance. A great place to enjoy a beer and watch the girls go by. The food is good as is the wide selection of beers.


Nimbus Brewing Company

Nimbus has renovated their brewpub since I wrote "More of a brewery than a brewpub. Their beers are sold in stores that sell beer. They do have a bar section in a warehouse type building. No two pieces of furniture match each other." They are now a nice brewpub with a good bar and matching furniture. The production area, including a small bottling line is visible at the back of the pub.

That's a huge plate of nachos for only five dollars!

BJ's Brewhouse

Nice bar and restaurant. They do not brew the beer here; it's made in Chandler, Arizona and brought in fresh weekly. Their stout contains 8.3% ABV.

The four rightmost taps are dispensed from 300 liter tanks. The rest are dispensed from kegs. I tried the Piranha Pale Ale which was very good and hoppy and satisfied my desire for an IPA (which they don't have) and the Stout which was too sweet and strong for my taste.


Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Triumph Brewing Company


Porterhouse Brewpub




Chicago, Illinois

Taylor Brewery