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Brewpubs and bars I've visited and enjoyed

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My favorite (or at the least, my most visited) brewpub in Singapore. There is always a selection of eight to ten beers available, including some seasonal beers. I prefer the IPA which is always on tap. The food is good and they have great lunchtime specials. Luckily, I don't work nearby or I would be in there every day for lunch. Brewerkz is located just next to the Singapore River. If it's not too hot, it's really nice to sit outdoors and enjoy a beer.

Cafe Iguana

Owned by Brewerkz but specializes in Mexican food and drink. They always have a Mexican style beer called Iguana Lager and one other guest beer from Brewerkz. They also have the biggest selection of tequila I have ever seen. The style of the Mexican food is different than what I am used to from the US and northern Mexico, but still quite nice.

Wine Garage

Also owned by Brewerkz. I've never been a customer here yet. Their wine menu offers an extensive selection and the prices seem reasonable for Singapore. They also serve Brewerkz beer. They have regular wine tasting dinners and events.

Archipelago Brewery Company

Newly opened (July 2006) microbrewery outlet in Singapore. Nice atmosphere. Highly recommended. Food is not served, but there are quite a few restaurants across the street that will deliver. Currently serving three beers - Traveler's Wheat, Strait's Pale and Trader's Ale. My favorite is the Trader's. It's flavored with ginger and other Asian spices. 

Archipelago Brewery

The place where there beer for the Archipelago Brewery outlet is made. The HomeBrew Club of Singapore held their October 2006 meeting there. Traveler's Wheat and Trader's Ale were on tap and a lot of pizza was consumed.


Paulaner Brauhaus

Located near the Suntec Convention Center. Usually only two types of beer. German style food. A bit expensive for my taste, so I don't go very often.


The Pump Room

The newest brewpub in Singapore (as of January 2007) is located at Clarke Quay. The HomeBrew Club held it's January meeting there. Brew master Alex gave us a tour of the not quite completed brewery. Unfortunately, they had just run out of their test batch of IPA (6.7%) before the meeting, but I was lucky enough to have tried some the weekend before. Quite nice.

Almost ready for operation.

The Highlander

It's not a brewpub but it is just next door to the Pump Room and owned by the same group. I wanted to have an Oban, since I have visited that distillery in Scotland, but they were out of stock.

The Living Room

It's not a brew pub. But we sure had a good time at their Hoegaarden promotion party. Needless to say, we drank Hoegaarden - lots of it.


Batam, Indonesia

Length Dragon Brewery

Length is the one and only brewpub on Batam. They sell their beer in the attached karaoke bar and in several food courts throughout the island.

The green beer is made with spirulina.

Three types of beer - light, green and dark

Wild West Wine Bar

This is always my first stop after checking into the hotel. The owner and staff are always friendly. They sell Length Beer, local beers and of course wine.


The entrance inside the Goodway Hotel 

Manila, Philippines

Pivo Prada

This was the only microbrewery I could find in Manila. It's located in the back of an Italian restaurant called Grappa's Bel-Air Manila. They distribute their beer in their other Grappa's locations too, including the one on the second level of Greenbelt.

At least there are four beers to try in Manila besides San Miguel and all of its variations.


Bangkok, Thailand

Tawandang Brew House

The brewer and the beers he makes are German. The food is Thai. The portions we got were not very big, but we ordered a lot and in the end we were satisfied and the cost was not too high. There are two outlets in Bangkok. We did not visit the other on this trip. Now we have a reason to return.

The Londoner Brew Pub

They make the beer on site. The dark beer was good. I think I recall that the light beer was nothing special. The prices are a bit steep for Thailand so we only stayed for one each.

The Pickled Liver

We stumbled on this by accident, luckily, as it is off the main road. Great pub atmosphere, but not a brewpub.

Soi 8 Pub and Restaurant

We didn't plan to do it, but the four of us came in one at a time and each ordered a Thai green curry one at a time. Sorry cooks and waitresses. Just a regular restaurant and not a brewpub.

Brewhouse Pub and Restaurant

The beer was not great the day we visited. But I had been there once before and it was okay then. As long as you are waiting for your plane, try and decide for yourself. Just remember to leave enough time to get through the immigration line and save B500 for your departure tax.

A mobile pub

I didn't try either of these.

Another mobile pub

I intend to next time.


Saigon, Vietnam

Hoa Vien Brauhaus

This was the best microbrewery we found in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. I visit it every time I'm in town - often several times. Two Czech styles of beer, yellow and black. Reasonable prices for beer. Food is also Czech style and a bit pricy.

Nguyen Du Brauhof

A very nice brewpub. The brew master was trained in Germany. He was away during our visit, but his daughter (pictured) gave us tour of the brewery. Thanks Nicole. This brewpub is the only one I know of in Saigon that makes three types of beer - yellow, black and red. They are in the process of opening a microbrewery north of the city.

Brewed following the
German purity law

Lion Brewery

This has got to be the biggest brewpub in Ho Chi Minh City. It is modeled after a huge German beer hall. The brewer is from Germany. The beer is good and the air conditioning is a welcome feature.

How to make beer - in Vietnamese


Big Man German Beer

There are at least three of these Bia Duc outlets, maybe more. They have the standard two types of beer - yellow and black. I particularly liked their dark beer, Bia Den Duc (German Black Beer).


To the right is the outlet in District 1. Above is the outlet in District 10; the beer is not actually brewed in this outlet. There is another near the airport that I did not visit. Maybe that will be the start of my next Saigon visit.

Bia Hoi

Bia Hoi is the locals' bar. The beer is made in a factory somewhere and trucked in each day. The quality varies from day to day but we came on a good day. I have been there on a bad day too. The most amazing feature of this place is the price. A two liter jug of their beer cost about 40 US cents. There are several Bia Hoi outlets scattered about Saigon.

Bia Tuoi Pacific

Located on the second story of a building in a courtyard behind the buildings of a main street, this place was discovered only by luck.  The food and beer were both good and cheap.


When you come in they give you a beer. When you run low they bring you another. They don't stop until you ask them to. Good marketing strategy!

Lan Anh

Also a bit out of the way in District 10. This is another Czech style beer microbrewery. The beer was good but the food had to be sent back twice and was still no good. How can a restaurant ruin french fries?

Hoa Bia

The name Hoa Bia means hops in Vietnamese. This place is somehow related to Paulaner, if one can believe the sign. We were not able to learn how. They have the standard two types of beer - yellow and black. My friends and I tried the yellow and decided not to try the black. This place is right across the street from Hoa Vien. Better to drink twice as much in Hoa Vien and skip this place.


Nha Xua

The beer tasted good after a long walk in the Vietnamese heat. They are somehow related to Warsteiner but again we couldn't find out how.

There is no real brewing going on here. These tanks look nice but they are not connected to anything.

Will Beer

Their beer tasted like it was put into the fermenter five minutes before we got there. Yellow and black were equally bad. Maybe they forget to add the yeast. Try it if you like, but I won't bother to go again. 

If you see this sign, cross the street and run.


Here we are trying to pretend the beer was okay.