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Old Length Dragon Brewery sign

If you look at my Brewpubs Asia page, you will see pictures of a brewpub called Length Dragon Brewery. Well things have changed there since those pictures were taken. The owner, Mung Tjai, decided to move from the out-of-the-way location in Bengkong to a better location in Batam Center. The theme of the brewpub would change from a karaoke bar to a cafe style. The Chinese brewer moved back to China to be with his family. Chandra, the assistant brewer was not quite confident enough to brew on his own. He knew the equipment but not all the temperatures and timings. The owner called on us for some help. Actually he called on professional brewer Fal, but Fal was not able to help due to his contract with his employer. But when Tony and I were contacted, we jumped at the chance to brew beer on a commercial scale.