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My boat, which has been sold

When I lived in Pennsylvania, I enjoyed my boat almost every warm weekend and usually spent at least one night sleeping on board. A typical weekend was to spend Friday night with local friends at a karaoke bar, then sleep on board. On Saturday morning, friends would join me and we would spend the day cruising up the Delaware River to a popular cove, dropping anchor for swimming and a picnic and later water skiing on the way back to the marina. Sometimes I would spend Saturday night on the boat too and take a short cruise Sunday morning before going home. Once a year I would make a trip to Annapolis, Maryland. For me it was the perfect boat - small enough for water skiing yet big enough to invite a lot of friends or to make a comfortable long weekend trip.

When I moved to Arizona, the boat came with me. But when I moved to Singapore it wasn't possible to bring it. I miss my boat. I got back to Arizona so infrequently that I really couldn't enjoy the boat anymore, so I put it up for sale. As of Christmas 2007 it had been sold. I hadn't taken any photos specifically for selling the boat. I did have a scanned image of the brochure and some photos from when I was using it regularly. See below.

The boat is a 1990 Forester 252 Escape with an OMC Cobra 5.8 liter I/O engine. It is 25' 2" long including the built-in swim platform. It is rated for twelve passengers. There is no kitchen as the brochure shows. I added some supports to allow the entire cabin to be converted into a larger sleeping area. There are a lot of accessories like new cover, stereo, depth meter and fish finder, two-way radio, water skis, fishing gear, life vests, swimming floats, bumpers, anchor, extra prop, fan, lights, American flag, etc that come with the boat. It is wired for two batteries for overnight and longer trips.

I wrote this page to help sell the boat. Now it's been sold so I modified this page. I miss my boat.


Photos of the boat