Release 2.2

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My favorite games and some cheat codes

Unreal Tournament

Cheat mode: Display the console by pressing "~". Type 'iamtheone' (without the quotes). Then, enter one of the following commands to activate the cheat function.

Cheat Code
god invulnerability
fly fly
ghost walk through walls
walk switches off 'fly' or 'ghost' mode
loaded gives all standard weapons with a full standard load
allammo gives you 999 ammo for all weapons
slomo 0.1 - 10.0 change game speed; 1.0 is normal
playersonly freeze time (type again to resume)
summon <item> summon a particular item. Some items are ut_eightball, ut_flakcannon, enforcer, pulsegun, shockrifle, sniperrifle, ut_biorifle, chainsaw, minigun2, warheadlauncher.
summon unreali.<item> summon a particular item. Some items are skaarjwarrior, nali, asmd, clip, stinger.
open <mapname> jump to any specified map
behindview 1 switch to third-person view
behindview 0 switch to first-person view