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My favorite games and some cheat codes

Quake 3 Arena and Quake 3 Team Arena

Cheat mode: Display the console by pressing "`" (under "~"). Type /sv_cheats 1 then type /devmap <map name>. Use the one of the following values for : q3dm<1-18> or q3tourney<1-6>. You can also use any custom map (without the map extension *.bsp). Then, enter one of the following commands to activate the cheat function.

Cheat Code
All skills unlocked at skill 1 /iamacheater
All skills unlocked at skill 100 /iamamonkey
God mode /god
No clipping mode /noclip
Gravity; default is 800 /g_gravity <value>
Speed; default is 320 /g speed <value>
Give all weapons and ammo /give all
Give item /give <item name>
Quad damage /give quad damage
Flight ability /give flight
Invisibility /give invisibility
Regeneration /give regeneration
Battle suit /give battle suit
Mega health /give mega health
View range /cg_thirdpersonrange <320-500>
View angle /cg_thirdpersonangle <-360-360>